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Dr Party Hangover Supplements

A Better Way to Deal With Hangovers

Backed By Science

Dr. Party x Upswing is made with top quality products that have gone through controlled clinical trials supported by the University of Oxford.

High Absorption & Efficacy

Our innovative food-based formula reacts quickly when absorbed into your body and helps you to fight alcohol toxins.

“…reduce the need of drinking the next day with no or less hangover symptoms: nausea, headache, stress and anxiety.”

Dr Party is now Upswing hangover supplement
Dr Party x Upswing Hangover Cure Single Package Containing two capsules
Dr Party Hangover Cure , Whats in Dr Party x Upswing Supplement Nutritional Content
Dr Party is now Upswing® hangover control pills trail pack, 2 tablets ,Dr party x Upswing hangover product
Dr Party is now Upswing® hangover control pills trail pack, 2 tablets ,Dr party x Upswing hangover product
Upswing Hangover Cure
Upswing hangover cure

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Dr. Party x Upswing® Nutritional Supplement

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Anti-hangover Nutritional Supplement

Dr. Party x Upswing is a science-backed vitamin supplement designed to alleviate the effect of hangovers by supporting the liver and boosting your antioxidant defenses. Backed by University of Oxford research and subject to controlled clinical trials, we believe that Dr. Party x Upswing is the most effective hangover prevention supplement to date.

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Dr Party || Upswing is 100% guaranteed

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Dr Party || Upswing is made in the UK

Made in UK

Dr Party || Upswing is clinacally Researched

Clinically Researched

Dr Party || Upswing is non GMO


Dr Party || Upswing is made with top quality ingridients

Top Quality


The Safest, Most Effective, And Most Affordable Products On The Market.

No Proprietary Blends

giving you full transparency into our products.

UKAS & BRGS Food Safety Facility

ensuring good manufacturing practices.

£2.99 Per Pack

less than a drink at the bar!

Made in the UK

manufactured, designed, packaged, and officed in the UK.

Toxicology Reports

to prove our safety.

Don't Take Our Word For It


I've never used one of these before and was a bit sceptical, but OMG they literally are a hangover cure, I went out and drank a lot, but felt fully rehydrated the next day and ready to sieze the day! It must be all the electrolytes that make you feel great again! Highly recommend and will be telling all my friends to buy too! 5 star product, if you don't want to have a hangover again,get yourself one of these!

Dr Party Review
Jonny Blake

United Kingdom


I can't deny that I still like parties. I can't deny that sometimes I enjoy the night so much that next day I feel not at my best.
We all know that hangover is mainly due to poor hydration, so after reading the reviews, I decide to buy these products and give it a try. They help A LOT! Definitely recommended!!!

Dr Party Review
Nicole E

United Kingdom


I don't usually write reviews but this product is just amazing. My hangovers were unbelievable as well as all the horrible symptoms of a hangover, headache sickness etc etc I get really bad anxiety with it. These take all of it away! Even on next to no sleep. I take one after drinking before bed, one in the morning and one a few hours later and it takes away almost all of my hangover.. I could actually function when I take these. Also great for dehydration, starting to feel unwell.

Dr Party customer review

United Kingdom


Occasionally throwing a few back with the homies: Very chill. Dealing with a hangover the next day because you are a post-pandemic lightweight: Very UnChill.

Best anti-hangover capsule that I have ever tried. It was a rewarding experience. After using it, I found that i still had great energy levels and was able to go about my day

Charles Deluvio

United Kingdom


I am currently at that point in life where even after a few drinks, the next day has me feeling like a went to a college rager! As i mature and am leaving the era of my twenties , i am learning to priorotize feeling and functioning at my best - which means i want to be able to enjoy drinks but also feel great the next day. And The solution Dr Party takes care of that for me and allows me to stay balanced

Gian Cescon

Los Angeles, CA


We've been testing these products since January and EVERY SINGLE TIME we took the Dr Party supplement after a night of getting lost in the sauce and the next day has always been, at minimum, manageable. Even after only drinking a
moderate amount of water thought the day. The ROl of having a day that's productive and not on the couch dropping a car payment on DoorDash is worth it

Ben Parker

United Kingdom


I got to try Dr Party for the first time and was a bit skeptical at first. Next morning as i woke up and braced myself for the dread of going to work with a hangover but i felt perfectly fine!

This is freaking useful! I mean really! How could you possibly drink that much and wake up just fine. Lol

I'm thinking this would be. great addition to my race repertoire!

Erika Brolin

United Kingdom

Works like magic.

Backed by science.

Introducing Dr. Party x Upswing. Packed with 10+ vitamins, minerals, and amino acids specifically designed to tackle both the psychological and physical impact of hangovers.

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Indeed! We offer a 100% Refund Guarantee for customers that are not satisfied with our products.

Dr.Party x Upswing didn't work for me. Can I return it?

If you have to change your cancel your order, please reach our specialist on our website

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Orders placed before Monday - Friday 3:00PM will ship out on the same day

When will my order arrive?

We offer a discount on subscriptions for customers who'd like to receive our products on a recurring basis

How does the subscription work?

Dr.Party x Upswing Hangover control capsules are here to bring back the healthy and productive version of you.

What is Dr.Party x Upswing Hangover Control Capsules?

We recommend taking two capsules
with a well-balanced meal and water before the party.

How do I use it?

No. So, please party and drink

Will Dr.Party x Upswing prevent intoxication?

We source only premium, raw ingredients tested for efficacy and bioavailability.

Is Dr.Party x Upswing safe?

Because every individual response is different, we recommend speaking with a physician before adding any supplements to your diet

Can I take Dr.Party x Upswing Recovery with other medications?